Ortho Taxi

What is OrthoTaxi?

It is a complimentary service provided exclusively by Taylor Orthodontics as an added convenience for our parents and patients. It is basically a shuttle service in which transportation is provided to and from school for routine orthodontic adjustments.

Who is eligible to take advantage of the Ortho Taxi?

With parent or guardian permission, any patient of our office may utilize the service as long as he or she attends a school within our service area. All patients with accounts in good standing are welcome to use the service. Once your child is in retention the ORTHOTAXI may not be used for those appointments as it is very important for parents to attend these appointments.

How does someone sign up for the Ortho Taxi?

There is one permission form that will need to be completed, every school year, for your child to be picked up at school by the Ortho Taxi. The Board of Education has also asked that you come by your child's school and add Taylor Orthodontics to their consent to Pick-Up card.

When will the service be offered?

Each campus will have a designated day of the week in which the service will be offered.

There will be two pick up times each day, 9:15 a.m. and 10:15 a.m.
These schedules are tentative

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